The Team

Our team values a lab culture where all are welcome, supported, respected and heard. We welcome scientists from all backgrounds, scientifically and culturally - we are a stronger team thanks to the different perspectives we can share together!

Carolina Tropini


Angele Arrieta

Lab Technician

Natalia Carranza Garcia

Animal Care Tech

Jung Hee

Gnotobiotic Care Tech

Michael Hunter

Postdoctoral Fellow

Deanna Pepin

PhD Student

Adel Yavarinasab

PhD Student

Ellie McCallum

PhD Student

Juan Burckhardt

PhD Student

Hans Ghezzi

PhD Student

Apsara Srinivas

PhD Student

Charlotte Clayton

PhD Student

Daniela Yanez Ortuno

PhD Student

Jerry He

PhD Student

Claire Sie

PhD Student

Imogen Porter

Masters Rotation Student

Brian Deng

Undergraduate Student

Kriti Verma

Undergraduate Student

John Nomellini (Nomo)

Problem Solver

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Past members

Alice Hong

Undergraduate Student (2023)

Nicola Pett

Masters Student (2021-2023)

Michelle Fan

Undergraduate Student (2022-2023)

Negin Rahanjam

Animal Care Tech (2022-2023)

Kat Ng

Research Associate (2019-2022)

Sijie Liu

Masters Student (2020-2022)

Sagar Pannu

Summer Student (2021-2022)

Eric Lyall

Undergraduate Student (2021-2022)

Kisa Naqvi

Undergraduate Student (2021-2022)

Sam Collins

Animal Care Tech (2020-2022)

Jen Nguyen

Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2021)

Carlianne Dorman

Animal Care Tech (2021)

Derrick Chong

Undergraduate Student (2019-2021)

Bachviet Nguyen

Undergraduate Student (2020-2021)

Sarah Popple

Undergraduate Student (2019-2020)

Shirmarie Starks

Summer NSURP Student (2020)

Nathan Dahlenburg

Gnotobiotic Tech (2019-2020)