BMEG 373: Biomicrofluidics

Fall 2021

Microfluidics is the study of scaling down complex fluid processes — think of scaling a factory or a laboratory down to fit on a small chip — so that we can do things more efficiently. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of slow fluid flows so as to be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of scaling down fluid processes. For example, without inertia, fluid dynamics are substantially simplified (no turbulence) but this can also make it quite hard to mix fluids. These concepts are particularly important in understanding biological behaviour at the very small scale of cells. In this class we also introduce important small-scale biological fluid dynamics (biological microfluidics) such as the flow of blood and the motility of bacteria. (3 Credits) [3-0-0]

MICB 413: Topics in Microbiome Research

Winter 2021

In this course, co-taught with Dr. Osborne and Dr. Finlay, we will critically examine and discuss contemporary research literature concerning the impact of host-associated microbiomes on host development, health and disease with a focus on humans. (3 Credits) [3-0-0]